Get the data you need, which is efficient and organized with access to the most precise and relevant data the way you need it.

We update our data lists for every 30days and make sure that it’s always latest and up-to-date.

At Innova Data Solutions, we bring the best expertise, solutions, and a collaborative approach to help each of our clients to solve their unique data challenge, obtaining better data, better insights, and better results. Be it healthcare, financial services, transportation, education, utilities and energy, insurance or marketing, any other industries we help you to unlock your customer’s database.

Health Care

Our health care data list is a product of intensive research and market survey carried out by our dedicated team to form the best contact list in the market. We just don’t collect data, we maintain the relevancy, accuracy and valid information right from Surgeons to Psychiatrists, and access frequently updated data all at one place.

Oil & Gas Industry

Engage with top decision-makers, executives from the high potential industry using Innova solution’s oil and gas industry data list. This industry is widespread and versatile in terms of market opportunities. We have maintained our data list from suppliers to manufacturers within the industry for B2B marketers.

Food & Kindred Products

Our top-notch food and kindred products are one of the richest sources of data with reliable marketing information. Our well segmented and customized food and kindred products data list ensures that you can narrow down your audience and target only the potential customers.

Building Construction & Contractors

Our construction industry data list helps you to channelize your marketing messages to the targeted audience. We provide essential information to start a conversation including full name, phone number, e-mail id, fax, postal address, etc. using our data; you can approach top-level executives right from construction engineers to contractors. We offer up-to-date and valid data list.

Aircraft, Engines, Engine Parts

This is one of the highly sensitive natured industry, and the executives are not so easily available to get a hold on to them, thats where Innova data solutions steps in.  We provide high quality, valid, real-time, and rapid response aviation data list with important marketing information.

Tobacco, Textile & Mill Industry

Innova Solution provides the accurate data list of Tobacco, Textile and mill industry, which includes contact details of all the manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers globally. Our data list is always result driven since it’s valid, authentic, and up-to-date.

Paper & Allied Products

The paper industry is huge, as it has various uses. Hence it is a lucrative target for marketers and organizations. Keeping this industry in mind we have segmented paper and allied products data lists which are valid, up-to-date, and relevant. We run all our data through an extensive verification process, which eliminates all the inaccurate data from the list.

Building Materials

We at Innova Solutions can help you bring your contact list to both the biggest and smallest retailers and distributors of building materials, which include stone, clay, glass, and concrete products. We offer customized data listing with a thorough compiling. We guarantee our data list, which is meticulous verified.

Restaurant Owners

Find the contacts of business owners working for the Restaurant industries using Innova Solution’s data list services. Our specialized data list of restaurant owners, chefs, managers, accountants, and other professionals can help you to reach the decision-makers of the restaurants. Whether you sell food products, kitchen equipment, decoration materials, furniture, toiletries, or any other used in restaurant functioning, our targeted list of B2B leads is what you get.

Finance & Banking Industry

We at Innova Solutions cater to the Finance and Banking industry. We make sure that our provided data lists are authentic, valid, and up-to-date, which helps you to reach your targeted audience at your fingertips. Through our data lists, you can connect with Bank Managers, C-level executives, VP’s, Directors, and much more within the industry.

Real Estate Agents

Increase your sales and ROI by expanding your customer base using a high-quality Real Estate Agents data list. Using our comprehensive data list, you can spread your network with high-end and in-demand real estate agent professionals from all over the globe. You can get thousands of contacts, including name, contact number, e-mail address, and much more.

Jewelry Stores

Innova solutions can help you to fetch contact details of gold merchants, professionals, decision-makers in the wholesale and retail sector of ready-made and customized gold jewelry industry. We can connect you from the jewelry store manager to pawnbrokers. Our data list will have all the marketing information, which helps you to engage with your targeted audience.

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture sector is an integral part of the country’s economy. It includes products and services on a large scale, which makes a profitable niche for wholesale marketers in the industry. Innova Solutions provides data list with all the essential information where you can effortlessly get in touch with thousands of agriculture executives across the globe.

Retail Industry

With Innova Solution’s Retail Industry’s data list, B2B marketers can engage with potential leads that are most relevant for their business. Our data list offers complete information about top-level executives, decision-makers, food manufacturers,  processing units, wholesalers, bulk volume dealers, and much more within the industry. We provide the latest, valid, and up-to-date data, which will ease your business deals.

Automobile Car Dealers

Innova Solution delivers the  Automobile car dealer’s data list that you need to push your sales drive into the fast lane. We will service all your marketing needs. Our data bank has all the communication details of every professional in the industry that can help you to establish your business contacts.

Sporting and Athletic Goods

We have compelled data list catering to sporting and athletic goods; this includes contact details of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the industry. Our data list helps you to reach your targeted audience effortlessly. All our data is highly accurate, valid, and verified by our experienced and expert team members.

Transportation Industry

Innova Solution’s Transportation industry’s data list has been developed to help B2B marketers market their business to the targeted audience in the industry. Our list will provide you the complete details of professionals working with and in road, rail, water, and air transport industries. We make sure that we provide data lists with up-to-date, which includes name, contact number, e-mail, and designation working within the industry.

Educational Industry

The educational service industry requires a massive influx of goods and services to cater to an ever-expanding student base. This includes teaching aids, furniture, classroom supplies, transportation, architecture, athletic supplies, and much more. With our data list, it will be easier to establish the business connections within the industry.  We fetch our data from the most trusted sources that will be accurate and up-to-date.